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Hi there! I’m Jo, and I’m here to help you achieve your goals, make more money, and live your best life. I know what it’s like to feel stuck or lost, but with my help, you can overcome any obstacle in your way. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

I started this blog where you will find some helpful posts about things like self-compassion, keeping perspective on life’s challenges, and pursuing what really matters most–happiness!



Where to Start on Your Shift to a Happier Life?

There is no limit to having happiness and joy, you can have all you want, but it’s something you can’t buy. So how do you get it?   It requires a new way of thinking and a realigning to a positive flow – the happy shift!

  • Start by making the choice to be happier. Know that happiness is not an accident. It must be cultivated, practiced, and learned just like any other skill would have to be learned in life.
  • Everything we want in life – a loving relationship, a new car, a new job – is because with think we will be happier once we get. What if you were able to be happy – now. Before all those things arrive. The thing is – the happier we are now, the more positive flow we have in our life, the easier all those things will come to us.
  • Take action everyday – small changes for a happier life – it’s like compound interest at the bank – it builds on each other – and before you know it – your life is rich.
  • Believe and know that YOU are loved. YOU ARE Worthy of Success, Achievement, Happiness & Pleasure. You deserve all these things because they come from within YOU. No one else is responsible for what you feel, only yourself. You only get one life, make it count. Take it back. Take control of who you are and what you feel each day.

Are you read to start living in a more positive way that aligns with what makes you happy?

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The Happy Shift Package contains:

  • 30 Day Self Care Challenge – This planner will help you create a routine for yourself that sticks with you long after the month ends. It’s only 3 minutes a day! In just one month, this small daily ritual will transform into a healthy habit that keeps you on track so that you can live more fully in the present moment.
  • How To Get What You Want in Life (The Guide) – By following these 30 simple steps, you’ll learn how to shift your mindset so that success becomes inevitable!
  • 7 Mindfulness Coloring Pages with Affirmations – These beautiful designs are great for meditation and mindfulness practice while using calming affirmations to inspire positive thinking at the same time!

Happy Shift Kit

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