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A healthy relationship is healthy for us and make us happy, fulfilled individuals. If you’re wondering how to keep that healthy relationship going, then this is for you! I will focus on ways to be a healthier human being in a healthy relationship: positive attitude, realistic expectations, balance in life and support from one another.

“It’s been said that a healthy relationship is one where both people can be themselves and feel safe being vulnerable with each other. “

To have a successful relationship, it’s crucial for you and your partner to stay connected by having a good time together.

The key is not just about physical intimacy but also emotional intimacy which includes supporting one another through life challenges, collaborating on decisions, sharing thoughts and feelings openly without fear of judgment or criticism.

To help you maintain this type of connection with your significant other check out these 11 steps:

1. Put Yourself First

This means taking care of yourself emotionally by finding out what makes you happy in life and then doing those things! It may sound selfish at first but when you put your needs first it makes for a healthy relationship.

“A healthy relationship is one where both people have the ability to be themselves and feel safe being vulnerable with each other.”

IF you take care of yourself and know what you want, work on improving yourself – it will also help you identify what you are looking for in a partner. So when Mr. or Mrs. Right does come along, instead of settling because he or she meets most of your criteria – take some time to evaluate if this person has all the qualities on your list! It may just save yourself from heartbreak down the line – trust me.

Also remember that nobody knows better than yourself how you would like to be treated by others – feeling worthy means loving ourselves enough not to settle for less than we deserve even though society says.

2. Have a Positive Attitude

A negative outlook can bring down anybody’s mood so instead of focusing on the bad or what could go wrong try looking at everything as new opportunities rather than roadblocks. If you nurture a positive attitude towards your partner, your relationship will be closer, more sincere, and more loving for both of you.

Your partnership will become a place you want to come back to, a safe space of affection and care for you both.

This isn’t always something we can control because sometimes things just do happen but if negative thinking happens often, there’s definitely room for improvement! Especially true when working towards happiness within our relationships which leads us to the next healthy relationship tip…

3. Have Realistic Expectations for a Healthy Relationship

Relationships are something we invest in and it’s important to always value your time. Sometimes we have unrealistic expectations about our partners and the relationship.

We want them to be this way or that, but they just can’t meet all of those standards right now- so what is an individual supposed do? The solution might come down from something simple: acceptance!

You need two adults who are willing submit themselves completely for one another’s happiness. Be willing to talk through certain issues but don’t allow yourself to get too caught up in what is wrong because remember: healthy relationships focus on all the positive!

Which leads us to our fourth healthy relationship tip:

4. Keep Life Balanced

Of course, this can vary for different people depending on individual circumstances so only take this as an example but having good balance is key when striving for a healthy and happy relationship.

One of the most important aspects to relationship success is having time for one another, communicating with your significant other and maintaining the care they deserve (and vice versa).

Additionally, if you feel like you don’t have enough time in your life or that it isn’t balanced then try asking yourself why? Are there certain habits causing this lack of balance? Are you spending to much time working? Do you miss your friends and family?

Figure out what you are missing and add it back in. If your relationship is all consuming – it is time to make some changes.

5. Carve out Some “Me” Time

As important as it is to have quality alone time with your partner/spouse, it is also just as important to carve out some time just for yourself. Remember that “balance” I just talked about? Whether that be through hobbies or even spending a couple hours on Netflix bingeing whatever suits your fancy!

At least now whenever these little pockets of time pop up again you won’t ignore them and you’ll know that healthy relationships are about spreading out some quality time for YOU as well.

Have Fun as a Couple

6. Get to Know Your Significant Other’s Friends

This one is less of a healthy relationship tip per se, but it does help develop a healthy relationship! If they have close friendships with others, then take the opportunity to invest in those people by getting to know them too because who knows?

Maybe these new faces will be an addition into your life as well if everyone gets along so why not give it a shot. If the relationship is one sided – your partner only spends time with your friends or vice versa – it is challenging in the long run.

7. Find Healthy Ways for Both of you to Release Stress

Healthy release doesn’t necessarily mean unhealthy binge drinking every weekend (unless you’re totally cool with that *wink*). That might be fun for you now but what about later down the line?

Maybe try healthier activities like yoga, meditation or even something as simple as taking a walk together around your neighborhood to enjoy some fresh air – hey maybe it’ll lead to getting some other action too! Yes of course we mean getting intimate – very good for stress relief!

8. Check in With Each Other

Make time periodically to discuss the relationship and bring up any issues that might be necessary for a healthy, happy partnership! It’s important not only during difficult times but also on an everyday basis because changes can happen, or schedules become busy without warning.

Communicating on a regular basis is so important, not just when the big stuff happens, but even little touch points throughout the day.  An example of checking in could sound like this: “Hey honey, how was work today?”

Your partner may have had some thoughts brewing which he/she didn’t share earlier due either to his/her own concerns or yours preventing him from talking. So be sure to ask on a regular basis.

Keep the conversation going.

Try to understand his/her feelings and remain open-minded. Don’t be judgmental or dismissive if your partner is sharing something that you might not agree with initially.

Listen attentively, patiently, and without interruption.

Figure out a way to compromise or come up with a solution together rather than insisting on being right.

Respect each other’s individual point of view and feelings, even if you don’t necessarily agree with them. Show appreciation for the effort being made to reach an agreement.

Finally, always be mindful that communication is a two-way street—you can both talk and also really listen to what the other person has to say.

9. Be Affectionate

We all know how it feels when we’re in healthy relationships and they aren’t being so healthy anymore. It can be confusing, frustrating and a little scary but one of the biggest difference makers is if their level of affection towards us hasn’t dwindled either.

Hold hands, exchange foot rubs, enjoy your partner’s hand touching your back as you pass by each other in the hallway—these moments are as important as making love.  They bring us closer together and remind us of the connection between us.

These moments are just as important to a relationship’s success as the conversations we have when we talk about our lives, dreams, and goals. It’s important to take time each day to explore physical intimacy with your partner, whether it’s through touch or cuddles or a passionate kiss.

It doesn’t matter how you do it, what matters is that you make time for it and that it brings a sense of joy and connection to your relationship.

Spend time with your partner in a way that makes you both feel cherished and close to one another and know that these small moments can have a powerful impact on your relationship.

So next time you feel like something might just not be right try snuggling up with them on the couch or even give them a quick peck before work for no other reason than to remind your partner that they are loved!

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.

George Sand

10. Communicate Clearly

When communicating with your partner, be open and ask questions. Learn how to effectively communicate so both of you can understand the other person’s boundaries. Always try putting yourself in their shoes.

Remember not all conflict needs an immediate response–sometimes it’s best if one person takes some time out before diving back into a discussion about something they disagreed on recently or sometime ago during times when tempers are still hot from earlier arguments.

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11. Appreciate Your Partner

And finally, when you appreciate someone, you look at them and see their positive traits and qualities as well as the things that you like about them.

When we start dating someone, we sometimes only notice their flaws instead of all of their good points because we want them to be perfect. This is unhealthy and leads us to become disappointed when those around us don’t live up to our expectations or fulfill our desires.

The next time you find yourself thinking your partner isn’t good enough, stop and think:

What do I like about them?

How are they making my life better?

How can I be more supportive of their goals?

All of these questions will help you focus on what’s important in your life with someone else rather than always looking for something better.

This will make it easier to avoid feeling disillusioned with dating or giving up on love because it will feel less daunting when you have someone by your side who loves you through the good times and bad

A healthy relationship is all about balance, quality time and caring for one another so keep these in mind when you’re looking to invest in your future with somebody.

These healthy relationship tips can be applied no matter what kind of relationship or situation that may be especially if it’s still early stages so start early and keep that love going.

That being said there are always going to be times where we have crossroads but healthy relationships will continue forward as long as both partners are willing. This just goes to show that if you value your relationship and are willing to invest in it, it will last.

I hope these 11 tips helped outline how easy it truly can be keeping relationships healthy, happy and fulfilling! Read more on how to nourish and maintain healthy relationships at home.

If you take anything away from this article, let it be that happy relationships are not only possible, but they’re deserved by everyone. We all have the capacity to create and maintain them – we just need some patience and determination (and maybe a little bit of help from these tips!).

So don’t give up on love just yet, and definitely don’t think that being single is somehow wrong or lesser than. Be open to new opportunities arising, while also staying mindful of what will make you truly happy in whatever form it comes.

And I wish you much love and happiness for whichever relationship you are wanting to nurture.

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